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What Is “Sensory Day” At The Ohio State Fair?

Share List The world is becoming a much more inclusive place for those of us who have special needs, even as a lot of people still believe that vaccinations cause autism (hint: they don’t. But failing to vaccinate your children might result in a short life for your kid and others). The Ohio State Fair […]

Why Do Kids With Sensory Processing Disorder Have A Tougher Time In Summer?

Share List When you have a child who is learning to grow up with sensory processing disorder, you might be surprised to know that summer can be one of the most difficult times of the year. While much of the other three seasons is spent inside, most people prefer to be outside during the warmest […]


Share List Broadway musicals are not just for the elite who can afford them in New York City. There is the belief that everyone w2hould have access to and be able to enjoy the arts – especially musical theater. But for a long time, the masses have not meant those with certain sensory disadvantages. That […]

Can A Child Outgrow Sensory Processing Disorder?

Share List Sensory Processing Disorder, also known as SPD, is a condition in which the brain struggles to properly respond to information taken in by the senses. Often, this results in people with the disorder being overly sensitive to things in their environment. Normal sounds and textures can be painful or overwhelming to those with […]

Tips For Children Who Are Uncomfortable In Their Clothing

Share List Kids who take off their close because it’s uncomfortable is not just rebellion. For those who suffer from Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) certain tactile sensations can be extremely irritating and uncomfortable to the point where the child might prefer to be naked. while that is not a long-term solution, these tips can help get your […]

Best Sports for Kids with SPD

Share List Children with Sensory Processing Disorder often struggle with identifying different sensations that the body comes in contact with. Depending on the type of SPD your child has, different sensors can be affected. For example, if your child’s SPD effects their vision, they may struggle to identify colors, lights, shapes, and sizes. Sensory Processing Disorder […]

Helping Your Picky Eater

Share List Have you ever asked your child to try something and without hesitation, your child has determined that he or she hates it despite the fact he or she has never tried it before? The reason that this occurs might be surprising but it’s very common. It has to do with food texture. Even […]

Transitioning To Winter

Share List The transition from fall to winter with kids with sensory processing disorder can be extremely overwhelming. It can be overwhelming for anyone regardless if they have a disorder or not. Especially this year with the weather yo-yo-ing from hot to cold throughout the week, being prepared to help your child transition from day […]

Sensory Processing Disorder During Christmas

Share List Everyone knows that the holidays can be rather chaotic in and of themselves. The coming and going of relatives, the seemingly eternal bustle of shopping and preparing for Christmas, and the perception that there is never enough time in a day to get everything done. For many people, despite the holidays being a […]

Does a Fidget Spinner Actually Help a Student Concentrate and Focus?

Share List Fidget spinners can be found in every store, classroom and trashcan from Long Beach to Long Island. Kids adore them, babies giggle madly and even grownups can be captivated by their curious movements. Some are even capable of lighting up, levitating and driving classroom teachers bonkers. The fidget spinner has joined the ranks […]