Welcome To The SPD Network

Sensory Processing Disorder (which used to be called Sensory Integration Disorder – hence SI Network) is not currently recognized as a true medical diagnosis. However, SPD is a brain condition that affects the brain ability to perceive and respond to sensory information causing those who suffer from this condition to be hypersensitive to their surrounding environments.

At SINetwork.org, we are dedicated to raising awareness of SPD and the best processes required to treat it. Since it is not getting the attention it deserves from the medical community, we believe that it is important to get the discussion started somewhere.

Parents are often at a loss when their child shows symptoms of SPD, as they can often be misdiagnosed as hyper, aggressive, or shy, depending on their symptoms. SPD affects children’s ability to act “normally”, as their responses to sensory experiences like touch, sound, and movement are drastically different than other children. These responses to sensory experiences can lead to behavior issues, difficulty with coordination, and several other developmental issues.

When a child does not respond to sensory experiences like the people around them, it can be a very scary experience. Parents often tell kids that they are lying, and teachers do not believe children when they hear something that is a bit out of the norm. If SPD is a more prevalent term, we can help schools and homes try to understand the problems of their children, instead of misdiagnosing them year after year.

Please feel free to browse throughout our site. We regularly update our blog, and we make sure to keep as much up-to-date information as possible so you can continue to make the most informed decisions for your children. If you think that your child might have SPD, do not diagnose them yourself. Take them to a medical professional such as a therapist, and see what they think before moving forward.