Best Sports for Kids with SPD

Children with Sensory Processing Disorder often struggle with identifying different sensations that the body comes in contact with. Depending on the type of SPD your child has, different sensors can be affected. For example, if your child’s SPD effects their vision, they may struggle to identify colors, lights, shapes, and sizes. Sensory Processing Disorder can affect all walks of life. It can affect a child’s learning ability, social life, productivity, and daily life in general.

There are multiple therapies that can help a child cope with this diagnosis. One of the more fun options is participating in athletic activities. After doing some research, we were able to compile a list of sports that parents feel helped their child the most.


Swimming is great because directly affects all of the child’s senses at once. They can feel the water from their head to their toes. Also, there are tons of visual cues and movements. It’s a fun activity that will also teach them the importance of safety.

Martial Arts

Sometimes, SPD can have an effect on the emotional self-control of a child. This can rear the ugly head of SPD; leading to aggressive outbreaks. Martial arts will help your child learn self-control. The combative sport will teach your child how to control their bodies and mind.


Like martial arts, wrestling is a great way for your child to learn self-control. At the same time, wrestling provides a way for your child to burn physical energy. Wrestling is a great brain exercise as your child will have to come up with a strategy to defeat their opponent.


As with the other sports we have mentioned, gymnastics is great for any child, not just a child with SPD. Although, your child with SPD may struggle with following instructions. If this is the case, you can ask for open gym time. During this time, the gym will be less crowded and your child can freestyle.


Like the other activities we mentioned, Yoga is great because it’s a peaceful and calming environment that teaches focus all while requiring a lot of physical output. Yoga is great for your child’s body. It will build strength, increase flexibility, and straighten posture.

When you are looking for activities for your child, try to find those that affect all of the child’s senses. You want to put your child in a place where they can not only succeed, but learn valuable skills that can be applied to all walks of life.