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How To Expertly Misdiagnose Sensory Processing Disorder

Share List Kids who are on the spectrum or have another behavioral or developmental disorder are already at increased risk for alcoholism, drug use, and depression. That’s because life is a lot harder when you can’t fit in without the extra effort. Considering this fact, sometimes we need to step aside from teaching kids and […]

Autism Spectrum Disorder And ADHD Share Genetic Similarities

Share List Those who grow up with autism spectrum disorder and ADHD often have overlapping symptoms — turns out, that’s no coincidence. The two behavioral disorders result from the same mutations to identical genes. They have more in common than scientists once thought. The study was recently published in Nature Neuroscience and sheds light on […]

Studies Find That Sensory Processing Disorder More Common Than Once Thought

Share List There’s that oft-repeated line about how kids aren’t really autisitc: “They just grew up with parents who didn’t know how to discipline them,” people will say. But science is finally catching up to the willful ignorance of the masses. We’re finally getting a chance to teach people about the reality of sensory processing […]

Teenager Suffering From Avoidant-Restrictive Food Intake Disorder Goes Blind

Share List Children who suffer from sensory processing disorder (SPD) are often diagnosed with other disorders as well. One such disorder called avoidant-restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) is being blamed for causing a teen to go blind because he was not comfortable eating a wide range of nutritious foods. Children are known for their picky […]

Autism – Brief Report On The Effects of Exercise

Share List In 1997, Mitchell and Rosenthal-Malek published a report in the Journal of Autism Development Disorder (27[2], 192-201) about the effects of exercise on the self-stimulatory behaviors and positive responding of adolescents with autism. According to their report, there have been earlier research performed that showed that exercise has had some success in diminishing […]