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How To Handle Young Kids With SPD During Quarantine

Share List All right, we’re not quite there yet. No national shutdown has been announced. In fact, local governments around the United States have spoken against such action — which shows a somewhat ignorant and indifferent view of how bad the coronavirus covid-19 outbreak could become. But parents are still worried — and rightly so […]

How To Take Kids With Sensory Processing Disorder To the Movies

Share List Many relaxing real-world situations can become the exact opposite for children with Sensory Processing Disorder (or SPD). Everything is a little bit more difficult for parents whose children suffer from SPD because each new situation represents a question mark. School, church, and other social gatherings can be especially difficult. These places are filled […]

Misdiagnosed With Depression Or Anxiety When You Really Have Sensory Processing Disorder

Share List Sensory Processing Disorder (or SPD) can present in a number of different ways. Its effect is different from person to person, which is one of the reasons it’s so difficult to diagnose accurately. Misdiagnosis is all too common. For example, if a child presents with depression or anxiety, he or she might be […]

Treating SPD With Therapy

Share List Considering there are over 8 different senses and three different subtypes of SPD, a child diagnosed with the disorder has their own set of unique needs and challenges. Once it is determined which senses are over and/or under sensitive, working with a PRP therapy Tampa can help generate a plan to make life […]

Tips to Road Trips with Sensory Kids

Share List Going on road trips with children that do not have sensory processing disorder can be a challenge in itself. Now, tack on the needs of a child with sensory processing disorder. You’re probably anxiety stricken at even the thought of a road trip. While going on vacation is fun, you don’t want to […]