Sensory Processing Disorder is not an official disease recognized by mental health professionals nor is it listed in the DSM-5. In order for your child to be properly diagnosed it’s best to get in touch with an occupational therapist whose training specializes in sensory processing and integration.

The occupational therapist will schedule a screening to look for red flags that signal changes in development that indicate a more in-depth assessment. The screening can take place in your doctor’s office, at your home, at school or even at a private practice or clinic. After supplying the occupational therapist with the history of their developmental milestones, they will determine if there is a need for an evaluation.

The evaluation includes:

  • Standardized tests
  • clinical observations
  • health and physical evaluation
  • speech and language evaluation
  • psychological evaluation

They will also try to rule out other diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism, anxiety disorder, etc.

The standardizes tests are a very important tool as it will compare your child to a normative sample. The results of the test will help determine with services your child is qualified for, obtain a baseline, establish their strengths and weaknesses as well as help create the treatment plan.