Don’t Let Diminished Coverage Of Coronavirus Fool You

The mainstream news outlets have mostly transitioned from daily coverage of coronavirus to the recent string of BLM protests and sporadic riots, but don’t let it fool you: coronavirus cases are actually on the rise worldwide, with more announced each day than the day before. Even though cases are leveling off in certain areas of the United States, the danger still exists. And that means we must remain vigilant in protecting our kids and elderly loved ones.

There has been a great deal of misinformation circulating among certain groups, mostly leaning conservative. The biggest on the list is that this pandemic isn’t as bad as past pandemics for which we did much less. While that is not the case, failing to take precautions for an illness decades ago doesn’t mean that making the same failures today makes sense. We needed to react to the novel coronavirus, and so we did.

Another piece of misinformation involves the wearing of masks, which can reduce a sick person’s chance to spread the infection by preventing the spread of droplets when a person sneezes. 

No one is restricting your right to live as a free American citizen — but they are restricting your ability to put other people in harm’s way when there is no reason to do so. Do you wear a seatbelt? Do you drink while you drive? Exactly. The government’s sole function is to protect American citizens from threats both foreign and domestic. Don’t be a domestic threat. Do what you’re told — and act like an adult so our children can remain safe.

Although local and state governments are pushing us along the path to reopening businesses around the country, please be smart and safe when deciding whether or not to rejoin the fray. The virus is not gone. Our common sense should not be so quickly pushed out the door while the virus is still a threat.