DSMV Comments

As of 2017, SPD is not in the DSM-V.

This is devastating to parents and individuals who are living with SPD. Why?

If this disorder was listed in the DSM-V, health care insurance would cover occupational and physiotherapy. Items such as fidget spinners and noise canceling headphones would be covered by insurance. Scientists would be granted funding to more research on the cause of SPD and do research for treatments. The FDA might even approve medications.

If you feel that this should be recognized then feel free to suggest to the DSM-V website that the disorder should be included.

Although sensory problems, in general, is now considered to be one of the factors in diagnosing autism – the reason it’s not included in the DSM-V is due to the fact that occupational therapists customize treatment to the child and no proof that the system works for every kid with sensory issues.