SPD which stands for Sensory Processing Disorder is a mental disorder in which information from stimuli that is perceived by the senses turns into behavior that is considered to be abnormal.

This is very different from someone who is blind or deaf. When someone is visually impaired or auditory impaired they do not receive any or receive very little of the sensory information. In this particular case, the information is being processed but getting jumbled in the brain.

This disorder used to be called Sensory Integration Dysfunction. It’s also important to know that despite popular belief that there are more than the 5 senses that we learn in school – in fact, there are 8 sensory systems that can be affected with SPD:

  1. Visual (see)
  2. Auditory (hear)
  3. Tactile (touch)
  4. Olfactory (smell)
  5. Gustatory (taste)
  6. Vestibular (spatial surrounding)
  7. Proprioception (relation to one’s body parts and effort to move them)
  8. Interoception (internal body senses like hunger, thirst, heart beat, etc).