Tips For Children Who Are Uncomfortable In Their Clothing

Kids who take off their close because it’s uncomfortable is not just rebellion. For those who suffer from Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) certain tactile sensations can be extremely irritating and uncomfortable to the point where the child might prefer to be naked. while that is not a long-term solution, these tips can help get your children who are suffering from SPD to wear clothes:

Buy Sensory Friendly Clothing 

What used to be only available in specialty boutiques or online retailers, big box store’s like Target are having more sensory friendly clothing available through their Cat & Jack line. The clothing has flat seams and no tags. Zappdos has partnered with PBS to also offer sensory-friendly clothing with loose necklines, flat seams, and tags that dissolve in water. Undergarments can be purchased through SmartKnitKids who specialize in seam-free underwear and socks. Also, you can check out Stagedoor Boxes for sensory items relating to theatre. 

At Home Let Them Be Free 

While children need to wear clothes when they leave the house when they home are home it is acceptable to allow them to take their clothes off. This way they associate outside of the home with clothes and no in order to leave the house they must put clothes on.


If your child struggles getting dressed in the morning, try having them select which clothes to wear the night before. Sometimes by giving them power and responsibility of selecting an outfit, it will not be a fight in the morning. Also, start the morning routine earlier to allow more time.