Transitioning To Winter

The transition from fall to winter with kids with sensory processing disorder can be extremely overwhelming. It can be overwhelming for anyone regardless if they have a disorder or not. Especially this year with the weather yo-yo-ing from hot to cold throughout the week, being prepared to help your child transition from day to day can make your morning routine go smoother.

The Layered Effect

Heavy coats are usually deemed unwearable by kids with SPD. They are too bulky and can feel uncomfortable. The best course of action is to dress your child in soft layers. On especially cold days start with a thermal, then long sleeved shirt, then a sweatshirt and then a hoodie. The fabric should be something that your child likes to wear such as cotton or flannel. You can even have them pick out clothes that they like to wear from other seasons (such as their favorite hoodie from fall or their favorite long sleeved shirt from spring) and have them create the layered outfit.

Portable Hand Warmers

Some children with SPD will flat out refuse to wear gloves or mittens. By adding portable hand warmers in their pockets, they can keep their hands in their pockets without the sensation that they can’t touch anything or feel stifled by an uncomfortable fabric on their hands.

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the ways to get children with SPD to cooperate it to practice and plan. By having your child sit in a warm coat or by placing his hands in gloves for a few minutes each day can help give them exposure to what is upcoming. This way when the winter does come, it’s not as traumatizing as putting them into a coat for the first time.

Soft Clothing

Before putting the clothing on the child, be sure to give it a wash with fabric softener to help make the clothing feel appealing. Also make sure you remove any hidden tags (especially in gloves) that would feel irritating.

Having a child with SPD can be so overwhelming but these are a few tips and tricks that you can do to help make the transitions from warm weather to cold weather easier.